New Member 2017-2018 Purchase

ALL new UTC memberships now expire 9/1/19

If you want more information about UTC membership or club bebefits then click on "Club Membership" above.  If you need to purchase by check that page has information on this option.  Paying online is preferred by the club and is a faster process. 

You now can purchase an "Up the Creek" membership online.  

Step 1:  Purchase an individual membership below by clicking on "Options".  Entering your birth year is optional.  Click on the small check box to enter a birth year as either YY or YYYY.

Step 2:  (Optional) You will be emailed a club application form.  Simply follow the instructions in this email to complete the application. Then email or mail the application back to the club.   This application records additional information about your interests and ski passes if you are skier.

Couple memberships are no longer being sold!  


Individual New Membership
Individual New Membership

New Up the Creek membership for individuals through August of 2019 - Special!  Now 14 months of membership for the price of 12 months